The Bear with the Sword was written by Davide Cali and illustrated by Gianluca Foli.

Some questions about the The Bear with the Sword to get you started...

  • Why would a bear need a sword?
  • What do you think a bear would do with a sword?
  • Where would you normally find a sword?
  • Who would usually use a sword?
  • Flip through the book and with the title in mind, try to tell the story from the pictures only.
  • What is a fortress? Why would someone need a fortress?
  • Can you think of some possible reasons for the flooding of Bear’s fortress?
  • What is meant by consequences of our actions?
  • What does it mean to ‘make amends’?
  • Why is it important to say sorry when we cause trouble for others?
  • Share examples of when you have had to make amends for something you have done.
  • How does this story relate to your life?

Suggested creative projects...

  • Create a book/film/artwork that shows 5 -10 actions you can do in everyday life to create social peace ...
  • Create your own story about the consequences of your actions, like in The Bear with the Sword you can use animals or fantastical situations to tell your story (this could be created as a written story, a film, a comic, a performance, a poem, a sculpture...)
  • Create a poster about the environment around where you live. Use this to encourage people to respect and protect their environment (what trees, plants, animals, insects exist in your house, garden, local park or beach?)
  • Write or illustrate a creative book review of the The Bear with the Sword.
  • You could create puppets of the characters in the story, or from your own story, and use them to act out different situations.
  • Ask people to review your story/artwork and find the hidden messages...

Teachers' Notes for The Bear with the Sword