When did the project begin?
  • RSP was launched at Lalor Library by international author Davide Cali on Thursday 24th of May 2012

Dates to look out for in 2013?


  • On one of the focus days read one of the social justice themed books on this wikispace, or another of your choice at school, in your library and carry out a creative workshop in response.
  • Organise a story telling event for people to share their own stories and experiences
  • Organise a street party
  • Put on a play based on one of the focus books - this can be an interpretation focusing on one theme or character
  • Create an exhibition of creative book reviews
  • Make Reading for Social Peace the theme for your reading circle
  • Adapt one of the stories into a short play and present this to your family, class or school
  • What happens next? - write what happened before or after one of the books listed and turn these into a book and have an event to launch it..