What is Reading for Social Peace (RSP)?

This is a new project inspired by the National Library of Maldive initiative encouraging kids and adults to:
  • Read with a questioning and open mind;
  • Learn about social justice; and
  • Share stories with people from other cultures and countries.
  • Read. Imagine. Create: respond in a creative way through a piece of writing or art, a video or song: anything that makes sense to you!
  • Reading for Social Peace also ties in with the new Australian Curriculum themes.

How does this project work?

Inspired by the National Year of Reading, Yarra Plenty Library has teamed up with independent children's book publisher Wilkins Farago to create this wikispace resource and give organizations such as schools, libraries and NGOs ideas to create their own events and programs that champion RSP.

How do I get involved?

  • RSP is open to any organization that is willing to create their own program.
  • This wikispace is intended to give you some ideas of how you might get started.
  • We have also included some social justice focused children’s books that Wilkins Farago have published, and are very passionate about, that you may wish to use as a launching pad.
  • Explore this wikispace to find ideas for RSP events, ideas for group and individual projects, kids exercises and questions to spark ideas…
  • LIKE Reading for Social Peace on Facebook for updates on new events and project ideas ...
  • Start a Literature Circle with a focus on Reading for Social Peace... check out how here.
Reading for Social Peace Titles -medium.jpg

Four books have been selected, all of which tell stories that can help you consider not only about what social peace can be, but also what it should be:

Dates to look out for in 2013?

When did the project begin?

How do I use this wikispace?
  • The first four wiki pages look at how you can use the suggested focus books as way to inspire your own projects/events
  • The Events page offers ideas for Social Peace themed events
  • Media - what people are saying about RSP

Download the Reading for Social Peace information pack here:

Who can I contact for more information?

Anna Wilkins at Wilkins Farago children's publisher or Blaise van Hecke from Yarra Plenty Regional Library would be happy to answer any questions you might have about RPS.

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